Site investigation is an essential preliminary to the design and construction of any building / civil engineering project. Objectives of a site investigation are to determine the nature and behaviour of all aspects of a site and its environs that could influence or be influenced by a project.

The investigation involves the collection of available information from various data sources;

  • topographical,
  • geological,
  • hydrological,
  • geotechnical
  • environmental .

Castle Rock Geotech can provide the following services :-

  • Desk studies involving the review of readily available existing information, walkover survey for preliminary site assessments;
  • Designing and supervision of intrusive site investigations;
  • Review and interpretation of existing site investigation data;
  • Ground Investigations including 
    underground services survey, geophysical surveys, 
    cable tool percussive boreholes, rotary probing and coring, trial pits, window sampler boreholes, dynamic probeholes etc. 
    Factual and interpretive reporting of field and geotechnical / chemical laboratory test results;
  • Foundation advice and design;
  • Long term monitoring and sampling of groundwater from borehole installations and water courses;
  • Monitoring for landfill / soil gases;
  • Provision of engineer verified logs by experienced and qualified Engineering Geologists to BS 5930;
  • Site supervision and validation testing of ground remediation schemes.

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